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Harnessing the power of multidisciplinary teams to deliver the optimal outcomes in pain management

Our expert pain management team, headed by Dr Stefano Palmisani, can treat the whole range of conditions from chronic spinal pain to chronic painful pelvic pain or persistent headache syndromes such as migraines.

Dr Palmisani specialises in interventional pain medicine including: interventional diagnostic and therapeutic procedures for chronic spinal pain; neuromodulation (conventional SCS, high frequency SCS) for FBSS, neuropathic pain, primary headache syndromes, pelvic pain with or without bladder dysfunction, and minimally invasive endoscopic pain relief interventions (epidural endoscopic adhesiolysis & endoscopic rhyzolysis on facet joints).

lower back pain

Pain explained

Chronic or acute pain are highly complex conditions that can have seriously life-limiting effects on those who suffer it. Chronic pain can be defined as ongoing or recurrent pain, which normally continues for a minimum of six months, whereas acute pain may arise from an injury, disease, or surgical procedure.

One in six adults is afflicted by persistent pain, which unchecked can affect both quality of life and duration of the painful symptoms. Work, social and family life are often negatively impacted along with sleep patterns, emotional and physical health, and even everyday tasks can become problematic.

This kind of persistent pain can often lead those suffering it to feel frustrated that there is no effective relief for, and a lack of information available about, their particular problem. Pain killers alone are far from a panacea and may even result in unwanted side effects.

Our Treatment Ethos

We believe there is another way to tackle chronic and acute pain. There is clear evidence that a multidisciplinary approach to pain management overseen by a specialist consultant, providing the patient with the information and engagement to maximise its effect, is a proven path to delivering huge benefits in overall wellbeing and consequent reduction in pain. This is the case even if the pain is deemed to be ‘incurable’. This type of holistic care is known as ‘biopsychosocial’ which reflects its multimodal nature.

As part of your pain management care plan, you will be treated by our multidisciplinary team of experts using a range of proven treatments. The first step will be to talk through every aspect of your condition at a preliminary meeting with Dr Palmisani to get a full picture of the cause or causes of your pain, how it is affecting your life and deliver to you an expert analysis of your condition and discuss the best possible course of treatment for you.

You will be offered a tailored treatment solution to target the specific type and severity of your pain. Typical treatments available will include: administering appropriate pain relief medicines, injections, radiofrequency therapy to the site of your pain or a minimally invasive endoscopic pain relief intervention.

In addition to this, our expert team will also advise on the right medication dosage and schedule for your specific condition, together with outlining potential side effects, and, where necessary, directing you to the most appropriate physical therapy, such as physiotherapy, osteopathy, or even psychological support. This holistic, multidisciplinary, multimodal approach to combatting your pain on all fronts has been proven to massively outperform any single strategy approach and will ultimately equip you to effectively self-manage any residual pain going forwards.

Regardless of your condition, relieving your pain symptoms in the most effective way possible, so that you can get back to your normal life is our multidisciplinary pain management team’s No.1 priority.


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