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Common foot conditions

What are common foot conditions?

There are several common foot conditions including: flat feet, ganglions, and ingrown toenail. Whilst they can often be painful, if diagnosed early, many of these conditions can be treated non-surgically, returning patients to their normal way of life as soon as possible.

Flat feet (pes planus)

As the term indicates, flat feet occur when little or no space exists beneath the arch of the foot when you are in a standing position.

Young children will usually have flatter feet because the arch isn’t fully formed until they mature.

Some individuals will have flatter feet than others. If both feet have the same profile, and no problems arise, this can be completely normal.

If one foot is flatter than the other and leads to foot or leg pain, however, this can be a result of tendon issues at the arch or arthritis at the heel. Some flat-footed individuals may also suffer from tarsal tunnel syndrome or peroneal tendon issues.

Flat feet (pes planus)


A ganglion is an innocuous fluid-filled cyst, or little lump, which is normally found close to a joint or tendon. Ganglions occur most often in women aged 20-40.

Ingrown toenail

This condition occurs when the toenail’s sharp sides embed themselves into the skin at the side, or end of the toe, resulting in inflammation and pain. The big toe is most commonly affected.

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