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Sports injuries and trauma

Foot and ankle sports injuries and trauma

Sporting injuries are common and generally occur as the result of accidents or collisions, failing to warm up or stretch sufficiently. Not using protective equipment, using it incorrectly or a lack of proper training can also cause injury. For a keen sports person, an injury can be both painful and frustrating, sometimes leading to a protracted period of enforced rest and a loss of fitness and condition.

Among the most common sporting injuries that affect the foot and ankle are:

  • Peroneal tendon problems
  • Achilles tendon problems
  • Ankle sprains
  • Fractures
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Posterior ankle impingement
  • Osteochondral injuries

What causes sports injuries and trauma?

Acute sporting injuries occur suddenly and are the result of some kind of trauma, such as a fracture, sprain, tendon or ligament injury. The pain is normally immediate and can be severe and debilitating. It is important to stop playing or the injury could worsen and lead to long-term or permanent damage.

Chronic sporting injuries are the result of long-term overuse of a joint or group of muscles, leading to progressive damage over time.

Sports injuries and trauma

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