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Limb reconstruction

What is limb reconstruction?

Limb lengthening and reconstruction techniques are used to replace missing bone and to lengthen and/or straighten deformed bone segments.

Treatment is often needed due to complications after injury and the correction of limb deformity including limb lengthening.

If patients are diagnosed with osteomyelitis (infected bone), they will require complex treatment.

Limb reconstruction surgery ‘reconstructs’ a bone or joint using an external fixator, or frame. An external fixator is attached to the bone by screws and wires. By adjusting the frame, the limb can be lengthened and/or straightened, joint deformity corrected and bone that is missing, infected or abnormally formed replaced.

View Mr Heidari’s educational videos:
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Lower limb deformity correction

Lower limb deformity correction is often carried out at the same time as limb lengthening surgery to achieve the best possible outcome. Deformities of the lower limbs (legs and feet) can develop before a child is born or during early childhood, or as a result of an injury. They may vary in severity from deformities that affect someone’s mobility to those that are purely aesthetic.

Limb lengthening

Limb lengthening is a two-stage surgical procedure to correct the problems associated with having legs of different lengths. Having one leg shorter than another may occur as the result of an accident or due to a medical condition and it can cause pain and mobility problems. The limb lengthening procedure encourages the growth of new bone, causing the limb to lengthen. It is often carried out at the same time as surgery to correct lower limb deformities.

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