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Knee keyhole surgery

What is knee keyhole surgery?

Keyhole surgery, or arthroscopy, is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that enables the surgeon to examine inside of the knee. It is usually performed through two very small puncture holes either side of the knee-cap tendon.

One of the puncture holes is used to pass the surgical instruments into the knee and the other is for the arthroscope, a thin flexible tube with a light and camera; an image is projected onto a television monitor so that the surgeon can see a clear image of the inside of the joint.

Mark Burrell completing a marathon

Mark’s keyhole surgery (arthroscopy) to both knees story

“Mark was running again after 4-5 weeks, and with the work at the gym the right knee was immediately back strong, in line and reacting well to physio work and training.”

Keyhole surgery is a very safe and straightforward procedure that is usually carried out under a general anaesthetic. In most cases, it can be performed as a day case procedure. It can be used for a number of procedures, including:

  • Examination of the knee under anaesthetic If the knee has been badly injured, it may be too painful for a thorough examination. Having a general anaesthetic enables Adrian to examine the knee in detail and discover any abnormalities that are restricting movement, or discover tears that may be difficult to diagnose when you are awake and in pain
  • Manipulation of the knee under anaesthetic (MUA) Following an injury or surgery, scar tissue may build up inside the knee, making it difficult to bend or fully straighten the knee. This can affect your ability to walk. If non-surgical treatment, such as targeted physiotherapy, doesn’t work and the knee is still stiff, Adrian may be able to manipulate the knee under an anaesthetic. This involves gently bending and straightening the knee while you are asleep in order to improve the range of movement of the knee

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