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Morton’s neuroma surgery

What is Morton’s neuroma surgery?

For patients suffering from Morton’s neuroma, Morton’s neuroma surgery is a procedure carried out to remove the part of the damaged nerve or to take the pressure off the nerve by creating the space surrounding it.

What does Morton’s neuroma surgery involve?

Surgery is normally a day case procedure, performed under a general anaesthetic, with a post-operative local anaesthetic administered in the foot to minimise pain. A miniscule incision is made between the toes, either to make more space around the nerve by taking away the neighbouring tissue or to remove a portion of the nerve itself, which will result in the area between your toes becoming permanently numb.

Attending a pre-assessment screening is good way of maximising the benefits of your surgery. At your screening, you’ll have your blood tested to assess your Vitamin D levels; swabs will be taken to check for infection or other issues; you’ll be weighed and have a chance to talk through your medical history, to highlight any potential anaesthetics issues.

It is highly recommended that you stop smoking at least eight weeks before surgery because smoking affects your ability to heal and leads to health issues, such as greater risk of pulmonary embolism (blood clots forming in the lungs) or deep vein thrombosis (blood clots in the calf).

Morton’s neuroma surgery

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