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Meniscal surgery

What is meniscal surgery for the knee?

If the menisci, or shock-absorbing cartilages, are damaged or torn, there are a number of different types of surgery available. Wherever possible, the meniscus is repaired, but if this isn’t possible you may be offered meniscal debridement to tidy up the joint.

Marta climbing mountain

Marta’s meniscus transplant story

“I am so grateful to have been offered meniscal transplant surgery which seems to be providing an amazing result.”

Meniscal surgery for the knee

The type of treatment you’ll be offered depends on a number of factors including your age, activity levels, how long it is since you were injured, and the type of tear. Surgery aims to repair and preserve as much of the meniscus as possible to minimise the long-term effects, which can include arthritis.

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