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Labral tears / degeneration

What are hip labral tears?

The ring of cartilage around the outside rim of the hip socket is called the labrum. It cushions the hip joint and helps to hold the ball at the top of the femur securely within the hip socket. Hip labral tears can occur in people who participate in high impact sports that involve sudden twisting or pivoting movements, such as football, golf, ice hockey and ballet.

Congenital hip problems can also lead to labral tears over time.

If you are at risk of labral tears it is a good idea to talk to an orthopaedic specialist who can advise you on preventative measures that you can take to protect yourself.

What causes labral tears?

Hip labral tears can occur:

  • When the labrum is exposed to sudden trauma, such as dislocation of the hip joint or injury due to impact (for example, in a car accident or as the result a collision during contact sports).
  • Due to repeated twisting or pivoting motions – for example, during certain types of sport – which can cause the joint to wear prematurely and may result in tearing.

As the result of congenital abnormalities of the hip which cause the labrum to degenerate and can lead to tearing.

Labral tears

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