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Hip arthroscopy

What is hip arthroscopy?

Hip arthroscopy is a minimally invasive (keyhole) procedure that is used to examine inside the hip joint, and to diagnose and treat problems that may be causing pain or restricting movement.

It involves making two or more small incisions and inserting an instrument called an arthroscope which enables the surgeon to see inside your joint.

What does hip arthroscopy involve?

Unlike conventional surgery, hip arthroscopy entails making only small incisions through which the arthroscope – a narrow tube with a fibre-optic video camera at one end – is inserted. This enables the surgeon to see inside your joint without having to open it up by making a large incision. Further small incisions may be made close to the site of the arthroscopy incision through which tiny surgical instruments can be passed to allow the surgeon to carry out surgical repairs on your hip.

Hip arthroscopy

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