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Tendon problems

What are tendon problems?

The most common foot tendon to tear include the posterior tibial tendon, the peroneal tendons and the Achilles tendon.

Tibialis posterior dysfunction

The posterior tibial tendon links the calf muscle to the bones inside the foot. It is a vital tendon in the leg, because it holds up the foot’s arch and supports it during walking.

Seen more frequently in women, tibialis posterior tendon dysfunction occurs as a result of the posterior tibial tendon becoming torn or swollen. This can lead to a flat foot because the tendon is no longer able to sustain the stability of the foot’s arch. Arthritis can also be a consequence of these kind of changes in the foot’s shape.

Peroneal tendon problems (peroneal tendinopathy or tendonitis)

The two peroneal tendons run side by side from the outside of the leg below the knee, behind the outer ankle bone to the foot. These tendons are used to keep the ankle stable when running or walking and enable the foot to roll outwards.

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