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Hip sprain

What is hip sprain?

A hip sprain is caused by tearing or stretching the ligaments that surround the hip, joining one bone to another. This is different to a hip flexor strain, which is an injury to the muscles that you use to lift your knees, including the iliopsoas (iliacus and psoas muscles) and the rectus femoris, part of the quadriceps.

While hip strains can occur quite commonly, hip sprains are very rare. Most hip sprains will get better at home if you care for them correctly.

What causes a hip sprain?

Hip sprains are normally the result of a fall or a sudden twisting movement, which can happen during sports or as the result of an accident. People who participate in sports that involve running and suddenly changing direction, for example football, basketball or rugby, are at risk of hip sprains. Hip flexor strains are normally caused by over-using the hip flexor muscles and tendons, causing them to tear.

Hip sprain

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