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Bunion surgery (including Tailor’s bunion)

What is bunion surgery?

Scarf osteotomy and chevron osteotomy are two of the most well-known types of bunion surgery. They are usually day case procedures carried out under a general anaesthetic.

An additional pain-relieving local anaesthetic is administered to the foot post-operatively. Tailor’s bunion surgery can be offered for this particular type of bunion, which occurs at the bottom of the little toe joint.

What does bunion surgery involve?

An incision is made along the big toe. The bones are then separated and re-sited, being fixed in position by tiny screws.

Bunion surgery

Tailor’s bunion surgery

This procedure is performed for the treatment of deformity and pain caused by Tailor’s bunion, a little lump protruding from the joint at the bottom of the little toe.

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