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As leaders in their respective fields, our consultants are pioneers and educators. Not only have they developed several of today’s revolutionary techniques to help treat patients, but they’re also training the next generation of orthopaedic experts. We’re proud of our global success, but it’s what this means for our patients’ outcomes that really counts.

With access to the world’s most advanced surgical and non-surgical techniques, at Orthopaedic Specialists we always examine every treatment option. We know that less invasive procedures are highly effective, and can reduce recovery times, which is why we explore every option, with surgery as the last – not the first – resort.

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Our consultants use some of the world’s most advanced surgical and non-surgical techniques to deal with conditions including pain, joint wear and tear, sports injuries, fractures and trauma.


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With easily accessible clinics in Harley Street, across London and in Ascot and Brighton, there are no waiting lists, and patients can self-refer by emailing or calling for an appointment. Orthopaedic Specialists treats self-funded patients and those with private health insurance, as well as providing a full service for international patients, overseeing every aspect of your care.

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London Knee Osteotomy Centre

Centre of Excellence

The London Knee Osteotomy Centre brings together leading surgeons from across the UK and Europe who offer unrivalled treatment for patients suffering from arthritis or sports injuries. With a focus on joint preservation, the team offer the latest surgical techniques to provide an alternative to knee replacement for patients of all ages.


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ACL and lower limb reconstruction | Professor Adrian Wilson
Prof Adrian Wilson

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