Complex double level osteotomy, arthroscopy and subchondroplasty enable Martin to return to his running club.

Acute knee pain and developing limp leaves Martin needing life changing knee surgery to continue his passion for running.

Nearly seven years ago, Martin underwent a partial meniscectomy to remove a damaged part of the meniscus in his knee. For some time, Martin’s surgery worked, and he felt that he could use the knee well.

However, some years later Martin noticed constant medial knee pain, which often woke him up at night. After his initial surgery, Martin enjoyed running, walking and doing DIY and gardening. However, the pain meant that Martin was becoming more and more inactive and people started to comment on how badly he was walking after developing a noticeable limp. The pain got so severe that Martin had to stop running at his local running club and living the active lifestyle he had once enjoyed.

Initially, Martin went back to see his original surgeon and had an MRI scan which showed a lot of degeneration in the knee, compared to previous scans. After reviewing the MRI, the only option his surgeon offered him was a partial knee replacement, which Martin was keen to avoid.

After doing some research, Martin made a self-referral to see Mr Raghbir Khakha and his esteemed colleague Dr Ronald van Heerwaarden to discuss other possible treatment options. During their consultation, Mr Khakha recommended a double level osteotomy, arthroscopy and subchondroplasty to improve the medial knee pain.

Shortly after his consultation, Martin went ahead with the recommended surgery and made an excellent recovery. He comments, “It wasn’t as painful as I had been warned it might be.” Martin stopped taking all pain killers 5 days after his surgery and noticed that the medial knee pain had changed significantly after just 6 weeks post-surgery.

Following his surgery, Martin explains: “I have now returned to running without any pain or discomfort and can run up to 10km. I can walk as far as I want without any pain and there is no discomfort doing gardening and DIY. I have totally lost my limp. The knee is absolutely amazing now, it has been a total game changer for me.” 

To summarise his overall experience with his team of surgeons, Martin comments: “I can highly recommend the team and the treatment that I have received. I would have no hesitation in advising anyone with similar problems to seek treatment with Mr Khakha, Professor Wilson and Dr van Heerwaarden. They are at the top of their game and are very approachable and patient friendly.” 

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July 2020