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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Surgery and Recovery.

Meredith underwent surgery on both her hands for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Meredith is full of praise for Professor Ali Noorani and shares her experience.

Professor Ali Noorani did surgery on both my hands in the last 4 months and it has given me completely my quality of life back. Prior to my surgery with Professor Ali Noorani, I was getting sleepless nights , waking up with numbness and pain. I was just a wreck. I have achieved the old me again and can’t thank him enough. I can’t give him enough praise and would highly recommend if you have Carpal Tunnel surgery he is your man to go to.

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Carpal tunnel syndrome

Minimally invasive surgery

Full recovery post Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Surgery.

Mr Noorani is a leading consultant orthopaedic & trauma surgeon and an international authority on shoulder & elbow sports injuries and trauma
Professor Ali Noorani:

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