Consultant: Mr Ali Noorani

Biceps injuries

Sports injuries and trauma

Distal Biceps Tear Surgery.

John’s Recovery Post Distal Biceps Tear Surgery.

John is 46 years old and works as a Construction Project Manager. Part of his job is a desk-based job and part of his work involves some heavy lifting.

He was at the gym doing a pull up when he unfortunately ruptured his biceps. He came to see Mr Ali Noorani who treats many professional athletes for similar injuries.

MRI scan showed complete rupture of the biceps.

Distal biceps tears are one of the most common injuries in manual workers and power lifters.

John was completely pain free 2 weeks post surgery with good active function. He was back in the gym 3 months post surgery, strength training and is able to do pull ups again.

Mr Ali Noorani:

Feb 2022