Post-operative rehabilitation

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Post-operative rehabilitation

At Orthopaedic Specialists we recognise that any procedure you may have under the care of one of our consultants is only the start of your recovery. You will be given a clear programme of rehabilitation when you leave hospital or our care. This will include how you manage your wound site on return home, who to contact if you have any concerns, and the exercise programme you will need to undertake under the guidance of your physiotherapist.

These documents aim to give you an outline of what to expect and how long your recovery and rehabilitation might take. Everyone is different and your consultant and physiotherapist will be able to discuss your own situation in detail and when you might be able to get back to driving, work and exercise.

We are gradually adding these programmes to our website. Your consultant will provide you with the relevant rehabilitation programme for you.


Arthroscopy (investigative) post-operative programme – download leaflet
Medial Patella-Femoral Ligament (MPFL) post-operative programme – download leaflet

Foot and ankle

What to expect after Achilles tendon repair – download leaflet
What to expect after ankle ligament reconstruction – download leaflet
What to expect after big toe fusion surgery – download leaflet
What to expect after bunion surgery – download leaflet
What to expect after flat foot surgery – download leaflet
What to expect after foot fusion surgery – download leaflet

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