Daniel is back on the court following an osteotomy with Professor Adrian Wilson and Mr Raghbir Khakha

Persistent knee pain was preventing Daniel from training and participating in the sports he loves.

man weight liftingDaniel, 26, has been a tennis player for most of his life and as such has put his body through a lot of stress to get to a high level in his sport. He began to feel a lot of pain on the inside of his right knee a couple of years ago following other orthopaedic surgery. He suspected that the additional strain on his knees from having to compensate for injuries elsewhere on his body was starting to have an impact.

He explains the result on his life: “I stopped being able to train, on court and in the gym, so it was having a serious impact on my life. I couldn’t run without pain, and quite often my leg would give way under the pain as I was walking around. I also couldn’t ski, which is one of my main hobbies, so it really lowered my quality of life.” 

Daniel knew of Professor Wilson as his father had had knee surgery with him a few years earlier. He had been really impressed with his results, so arranged for Daniel to go and see him for an opinion. Daniel was really hoping to get back to a good level of functionality. He had spent a long time out of training and in pain, so I wasn’t expecting to get back to a high level of physical training immediately, but Professor Wilson reassured him that this would be possible and was, in Daniels’s words: “more optimistic than I was!”

Professor Wilson diagnosed a significant medial meniscal tear to Daniel’s right knee and carried out a small offloading (high tibial) osteotomy. This procedure settled all Daniel’s symptoms and has allowed him to get back on his feet, not only to the point where day to day he is comfortable, but also playing a high level of sport, as Daniel describes: “Now I don’t have any trouble with it (my knee) at all. There are certain exercises in the gym I steer clear of, but that doesn’t hinder me one bit. I am back to training full time, with between 2-4 hours on a tennis court each day, and a minimum of 1.5 hours in the gym a day. I can run, jump, pivot, anything I want to do I can now do it pain free.” He continues: “I can train without worrying about pain in my knee. Anything I want to do, I can do. I have even got back to skiing in my spare time!”

Daniel’s advice to other individuals and sports people with persistent knee pain: “Just go ahead and get Professor Wilson to check out your knee. There’s no point suffering through the pain, thinking it’ll get better when you have the chance to solve your issues and become pain free. For me it was a no brainer!”

Professor Wilson concludes: “I am so pleased Daniel has been able to get back to high level tennis and even skiing. This is a real testament to osteotomy and getting people back to professional sport. Daniel is entering the professional tennis circuit this year and I wish him all the best with his career and will follow it closely particularly given how precious his knee is to me!”

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September 2020