Jason, bone infection

Consultant: Professor Nima Heidari

Bone infection

Professor Nima Heidari’s expertise in post-operative infection allows Jason a full recovery

Jason fell seriously ill following an operation to realign his left leg, leading to an urgent admission to hospital

After having a successful osteotomy operation to correct the alignment of his left leg, Jason noticed a great deal of swelling and became very unwell. His original consultant referred Jason to his colleague Professor Heidari due to his specialist experience in dealing with bone infections and other post-operative complications.

Jason was quickly diagnosed with sepsis and was admitted to hospital for the infection to be brought under control. He was also suffering with cellulitis, a common but potentially serious bacterial skin infection whereby the affected skin appears swollen and red and is typically painful and warm to the touch.

Jason was immediately put on a course of intravenous antibiotics, during which time Professor Heidari carefully monitored Jason’s condition to see how he responded to treatment.

It soon became apparent that Jason had a deep infection which required the removal of damaged tissue from his wound (debridement). During this operation, Professor Heidari removed all the metalwork which had been put in Jason’s knee as part of the osteotomy procedure. He then applied an external metal frame to Jason’s knee, which aimed to maintain the correction to the alignment in Jason’s knee which had been achieved by the osteotomy operation.

Following this procedure, whilst Jason remained in hospital for 5 weeks in total, the external frame was removed earlier than expected, as he explains: “The leg frame was the only real solution, it was cumbersome, uncomfortable and in the end I was on constant antibiotics to fight pin site infections. However, the frame came off at least 4 months earlier than expected.”

He advices other patients who have unexpected symptoms after an operation: “If you are feeling unwell or suffering from any potential Sepsis symptoms go straight to A&E. After that trust in the medical care being provided and try to be patient!”
He summarises his care with Professor Heidari: “I will be forever in Professor Heidari’s debt for the work he did on returning me to health. His personality, care and attention detail were second to none and I would wholly recommend anybody who is undergoing ankle/leg surgery to use him.”

Professor Heidari concludes: “Jason was extremely unwell when I first met him with a serious infection. I am pleased he has recovered so well and I’m glad we could retain the realignment in the leg which the original operation corrected.”

September 2019