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Professor Nima Heidari saves Kevin’s career using a taylor spatial frame to correct traumatic ankle fracture.

In November 2019, Kevin was attending his son’s boxing tournament in a town outside of Gothenburg in Sweden. During the tournament, he was rushing down some stairs, stumbled on the last couple of steps and fell forward over the barrier. Kevin fell about two and half meters down to the arena and landed awkwardly on his feet, causing severe trauma to his left lower limb. Immediately following the accident, Kevin had emergency surgery on the limb in the local Boras hospital and was brought back to England a week later.

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After a week with no crutches, I am now slowly transferring to a trainer shoe and I am now fully capable of standing on my left leg with full capacity

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Ankle joint preservation surgery

Joint preservation

Following a traumatic injury to his ankle, Kevin sought an advanced orthopaedic treatment to enable him to walk again.

After the surgery, Kevin’s ankle was incredibly painful and he couldn’t apply any pressure on it; which meant he couldn’t walk. Kevin continuously used heavy painkillers to get through the day and relied on a wheelchair for mobility. The pain and not being able to walk independently caused Kevin to feel very depressed.

Initially, in December 2019, Kevin was told by an orthopedic specialist that there was nothing that they could do to reconstruct his leg, which caused Kevin great anxiety and concern. Kevin was sent home and was told to wait for a consultant in the South East area to contact him. The next day he met with a consultant who told him that he knew a surgeon who could fix his leg. Kevin was reassured that this surgeon, Professor Nima Heidari was the best in his field of surgery.

Kevin booked a consultation with Professor Heidari, who diagnosed him with a complex distal tibial fracture. Professor Heidari recommended using a very advanced external fixator, known as a taylor spatial frame, to stabilize the ankle. Kevin went ahead with Professor Heidari’s proposal and went on to make a superb recovery.

At the beginning of June 2020, Kevin has the external fixator removed from his leg and he can now fully bear load in an airboot. He reports: “After a week with no crutches, I am now slowly transferring to a trainer shoe and I am now fully capable of standing on my left leg with full capacity.”

Kevin can now walk with a slight limp and is making progress with balancing and load bearing. He would advise other patients in a similar position to “…try to get the right trauma surgeon for yourself as soon as possible, as it is imperative to how you will recover properly. Intrusive surgery is not always your only option. I was fortunate that everything Professor Nima Heidari explained to me happened at every stage as he said it would, which puts you at ease when you are at your most vulnerable.”

To summarise his overall experience with Professor Heidari, Kevin comments: “…without his devotion to his specialty in limb reconstruction, where and what would people do without him. He has quite simply given me my life and my leg back. As of eight months ago I was in a wheelchair and then this amazing Doctor, Nima Heidari, gave me the ability to walk again and to go to the park with my five year old daughter to watch her learn to ride her bike. For that, I will be eternally grateful to Professor Nima Heidari and his incredible work in limb reconstruction.”

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Professor Nima Heidari:

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