Complex open reduction and internal fixation (ORIF) surgery enables Michael to enjoy golf and tennis again.

Severe elbow pain and limited arm movement left Michael seeking advanced surgery to continue his passion for golf and tennis.

Michael, a keen sportsman, experienced a traumatic fall at home and fractured the olecranon in his right dominant elbow. Immediately following the fall, Michael could not move his arm and felt severe pain in his elbow, so visited the emergency treatment centre at The Wellington Hospital where he was advised to have an X-ray.

After reviewing the X-ray, a doctor at the emergency treatment centre referred Michael to Mr Ali Noorani, a highly experienced upper limb surgeon. Michael got an appointment with Mr Noorani the next day and had a further CT scan done. During the consultation, Mr Noorani confirmed that Michael had an oblique fracture in his right elbow with some displacement at the fracture site. Following the diagnosis, Mr Noorani discussed possible treatment options and recommended a right elbow (olecranon) open reduction and internal fixation of closed fracture surgery (ORIF). He explained that ORIF surgery should improve, if not restore, the position of the elbow and improve the odds of Michael having a functioning elbow in the future.

Prior to his accident, Michael enjoyed living an active lifestyle and partaking in different sporting activities; including playing cricket at a high level, bowling, tennis and golf. However, the pain and limited mobility in his dominant elbow meant that Michael could not play any sports or use his arm properly following his accident. After seeing Mr Noorani, Michael decided to go ahead with his recommendation and have the ORIF surgery.

Shortly after Michael’s initial consultation, Mr Noorani and his team successfully performed an open reduction and internal fixation of a closed fracture on Michael’s right elbow. Five weeks following his surgery, Michael visited Mr Noorani for a follow-up consultation. Mr Noorani noted that Michael was doing well and that he was pleased with the progress.

Three months following his surgery, Mr Noorani reports that Michael is “…doing very well. His range of motion is good and I am pleased to confirm that his neurovascular status and tendon function is normal.” Michael adds that “the arm feels great and I can now almost extend as far as I could before the injury. I can play golf and tennis, as well as function in my day to day life free of any pain.”

To summarise his overall experience with Mr Noorani, Michael comments: “I would advise anyone with a fracture of the elbow, like myself, to see Mr Noorani. He did a phenomenal job with the operation and the whole team is a pleasure to work with.”

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