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Dmitri, a consultant anaesthetist had a double osteotomy and was already exercising the day after his operation!

Dimitri is a 51 year old consultant colleague who works as an anaesthetist. He is very active but has problems in both knees, mostly the right knee where he has noticed a progressive bowing or varus deformity in his knee over the last few years. He has also developed sharp medial knee pain.

I had an amazing recovery – I was able to bend my knee after 48 hours and was back to wakeboarding within two months of my operation. Four months later, I have no pain or swelling and can carry out lengthy surgery standing without any problems.

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Meniscal tears in the knee

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Meniscal surgery

The London Knee Osteotomy Centre

Dmitri, 51, had been suffering from knee pain for a number of years and was keen to be able to maintain his active lifestyle.

The MRI scan showed a significant medial meniscal tear and some early changes to the joint surfaces. As a lot of such patients go on to deteriorate rapidly after a meniscectomy, we talked about options and he elected to go for realignment surgery as well as the meniscectomy which was carried out in July 2017.

He had a double correction with the new minimally-invasive technique – both femoral and tibial. The plates can be put in through very small incisions with minimal disruptions to the soft tissues, and with this minimally invasive approach patients can do very well – as in Dmitri’s case.

Adrian summarises:
“I am very happy with how Dmitri is doing and with his post-operative X-rays.”

Professor Adrian Wilson
Professor Adrian Wilson:

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