Complex tibialis posterior tendon reconstruction surgery enables Andrew to enjoy walking again.

Following a severe rupture to a tendon in his left ankle, Andrew sought advanced orthopaedic treatment to enable him to walk without a limp again.

During 2019, after facing years of ankle instability, Andrew suffered a traumatic rupture to his tibialis posterior tendon on his left ankle. Immediately, Andrew was unable to walk without limping; his speed of walking was hampered, and his range of walking was severely limited. Andrew also suffered ankle swelling if he over-exerted himself.

Andrew visited his local GP, who referred him to an NHS foot and ankle consultant. The delay in the referred consultation happening was so great that he decided to have a private consultation. A friend recommended Orthopaedic Specialists, so he looked at the website and decided to approach Professor Nima Heidari, a renowned foot and ankle surgeon.

Andrew saw Professor Heidari within a few days of his enquiry and explained his symptoms and history of ankle instability. Professor Heidari referred Andrew for an MRI scan, which took place within a few days of his appointment. Andrew then went back to see Professor Heidari, who reviewed the scan and confirmed that Andrew had ruptured the tibialis posterior tendon in his left ankle. They discussed all the non-surgical and surgical options, however, Professor Heidari recommended a reconstruction of the tibialis posterior tendon, as well as osteotomies around the foot in order to maintain the shape and allow for improved biomechanics. Professor Heidari warned Andrew that rehabilitation can take up to nine months and that he will would be non-weight bearing for at least the first six weeks.

Andrew decided to go ahead with Professor Heidari’s recommendation and was out of plaster within six weeks. In February 2020, Andrew visited Professor Heidari who was “…delighted to report that the X-rays demonstrated full union of his calcaneal osteotomy.” 

Andrew explains: “I am now 10 months post operation, and my ankle is behaving very well. My walking is back to as it was prior to injury. I can walk for miles now, which would have been impossible before my operation. As well as in town, I have walked in the countryside on uneven ground which was very difficult previously. If necessary, I can run for the bus and cross the road quickly and efficiently. Neither of these things was possible prior to my operation.”

To summarise his experience with Professor Heidari, Andrew remarks: “I think Professor Heidari is a very friendly man with a very disarming but professional manner. I was quickly able to put my trust and faith in Professor Heidari and was not let down in any way. My advice to people in a similar position to me is that, if possible, do not delay. Every lost month will never be recovered. Quality of life is so important.”

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