Snapping Triceps Syndrome Surgery.

Audrey’s Full Recovery Post Snapping Triceps Syndrome Surgery .

Audrey, 33 years old, is a jeweler, specialising in diamond setting and working with fine instruments and microscopes all day.

She came to Mr Ali Noorani for a second opinion regarding pain in her elbow. She was also seen at the multidisciplinary team meeting with Prof Roger van Riet.

Clinical examination and tests confirmed that she had Snapping Triceps Syndrome resulting in an unstable and painful ulnar nerve.

Audrey underwent surgery in which anterior transposition of the ulnar nerve was done and a part of the triceps removed.

She fully recovered within 4 weeks. She is back at work and is totally pain free, no numbness of her hands and has a full range of motion. She is also back at her gym doing strength training.

Audrey describes her experience:

“My expectations prior to my surgery with Mr Noorani were quite high. This is because the consultations that I had with him gave me a lot of confidence.He not only diagnosed me correctly with my injury but the proposed treatment that he gave me and suggested. Also a very clear outcome in terms of my rehabilitation and recovery, how long it will take.

Mr Noorani and his colleagues made me feel really confident so I had pretty high expectations.

I have minimal scar on the elbow and full range of movement in my arms.My arms are feeling stronger and stronger every day.

I fully recovered 6 weeks after my surgery and resumed normal activities and have been going to the gym regularly since 2 weeks ago.

 My surgery went really well. No unforeseen issues and it all went as planned. I was in hospital and discharged the same day. It was great.”

Mr Ali Noorani:

Professor Roger van Riet:

Feb 2022