Life-changing knee replacement surgery enables Dennis to live independently and enjoy walking again.

Traumatic road traffic accident left Dennis seeking total knee replacement to walk properly again.

During a devastating motorbike accident, Dennis dislocated his left knee and damaged both the PCL (posterior cruciate ligament) and the MCL (medial collateral ligament). Over time, Dennis started to develop severe arthritis in the medial aspect (inside) of his left knee, which was causing him significant pain.

In 2017, Dennis began to feel pain in both of his knees and was referred to Professor Wilson, who confirmed his diagnosis and made a number of recommendations. Initially, Dennis was keen to avoid a total knee replacement and asked if there were any other options they could try first. Professor Wilson discussed minimally invasive options, including a form of stem-cell therapy called Lipogems®.

Later that year, Dennis went ahead with Lipogems® and found the procedure to be very successful. Professor Wilson remarked: “He had no pain and went home the next day and was actually able to walk half a mile down Oxford street. He is delighted with his progress, as am I.” 

However, early in 2020 Dennis revisited Professor Wilson who stated that “Dennis re-attended today and he is now two years down the line following his Lipogems® injections. He is doing well with the right knee, but the left is causing him major issues. He is really struggling to walk more than 15 minutes, stairs are now very difficult and he is getting pain at night.” Professor Wilson was able to confirm that Dennis’ osteoarthritis had progressed. They discussed all of Dennis’ options and decided that a total knee replacement was now necessary.

Professor Wilson identified all the possible risks and discussed the process with Dennis in detail. He recommended a package that included Dennis having the operation in London and, after two days, moving him to a rehabilitation center in Guildford for a week-long physiotherapy and hydrotherapy programme.

In February 2020, Professor Wilson and his specialist team successfully performed a total knee replacement for Dennis. Just one day after the surgery, Professor Wilson saw Dennis and reported that he was “…doing really well and had no pain.”

In March 2020, Dennis visited one of Professor Wilson’s colleagues, Mr Raghbir Khakha, who noted thatDennis is doing extremely well. He is bending comfortably to 100° with virtually no swelling. He has minimal pain and there is no calf swelling. He is delighted with his progress.”

To summarise his overall experience with Professor Wilson, Dennis explains: “I am most grateful for your professional approach prior to and during the operation. Following the surgery, and postoperative exercise, my knee is in excellent condition with no postoperative scarring and I no longer suffer the previous incapacitating knee pain. My mobility is fully restored; I now enjoy long walks and I can climb stairs. I can get in and out of the bath and I enjoy swimming. Best of all, I am enjoying playing in the park with my young granddaughter. Your most valued operation on the knee has literally given me a new lease of life.”

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