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Ski injury clinic

Outpatient Ski Injury Clinic – London and Windsor

If you have returned from a ski holiday and are experiencing problems with your knees, then our ski injury clinic can put your mind at rest.

Professor Wilson and our other knee consultants have many years’ experience treating knee ski injuries in adults and children. As a skier himself and his daughter having suffered a torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) when only 11, Professor Wilson knows how important getting the right treatment is. He has pioneered innovative, minimally invasive treatments for ligament injuries.

If you were injured in a ski resort and visited a medical centre, you may have had an X-ray taken. However, in order to assess the full damage to soft tissues in your knee, your consultant will need to view an MRI scan. This is a straightforward and painless procedure, which takes around an hour. You can find out more here.

Our ski injury clinic offers you an MRI and a consultation with one of our knee consultants for an all-inclusive price, allowing you to get a diagnosis and discuss a full treatment plan. Depending on availability, these can be arranged on the same day, this will be discussed when you call to book your appointment.

For patients who have already had an MRI scan and are looking for a discussion on treatment options or a second opinion, you can book an appointment with a consultant, bringing along your scans for them to review.

If you have private medical insurance: we work with all the major UK and international insurers. You simply need to phone your insurer and get an authorisation number and provide this when booking your appointment.

If you are paying for your own treatment: we will invoice you for your visit, payable within 7 days. If you require further treatment, we can provide you with outline costs, or you can take your scan and diagnosis to your GP for referral onto an appropriate specialist within the NHS.

Appointments are available in London or Windsor.In most cases of suspected ligament damage, we will suggest you have an MRI scan before your consultation. This can be confirmed when you call to book your appointment.

Alternatively, you can have an initial consultation with a consultant, followed by an MRI if required, although you will then need to come for a follow up appointment for your consultant to review your scans.

Windsor: Appointments available Mondays – 9am – 4pm

London Harley Street: Appointments available Wednesday, Thursday and Friday – 10am – 4pm

Prices:Consultation – £350 (London), £250 (Windsor)

Consultation and MRI – £595 (London), £495 (Windsor)

Follow up appointment (if required) – £220 (London), £175 (Windsor)

Please note, these prices are for patients having their MRI in London at least a day before their appointment. If you would like to have your MRI on the same day as your appointment, we can advise you of the additional cost when you call to book. If you would like to have your MRI in Windsor, this can be arranged and a price obtained.

If you have already have an MRI scan, please bring this to your appointment.

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