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PHYSIOLAB cryotherapy

Cryotherapy, sometimes known as cold therapy, is the local or general use of low temperatures in medical therapy.

Orthopaedic Specialists recommend PHYSIOLAB, a UK-based company who supply highly effective cooling and compression products to aid orthopedic swelling and pain management.

The application of post-surgical cryotherapy benefits patients in a variety of ways:

  • Swelling reduction: early reduction of swelling enables you to regain range of movement faster.
  • Pain management: PHYSIOLAB provides a natural way to manage pain (giving an analgesic effect), meaning you can minimise the use of opiates and their unwanted side effects.
  • Fast rehabilitation: due to the reduction in swelling and improved pain management, you can begin their rehabilitation at a much earlier stage.

PHYSIOLAB devices are controlled, safe and efficient. They are also hospital friendly and portable, meaning you can begin treatment immediately post-surgery, see how to order section below. You can then take the unit away for continued use at home.

Your consultant will advise you on how many weeks you should order a PHYSIOLAB device for post-surgery.


When can PHYSIOLAB help?

Below are examples of common surgery types where PHYSIOLAB complements post-surgical recovery:

  • Knee surgery for example knee replacement, osteotomy or ACL repair or reconstruction
  • Hip surgery including hip replacement surgery
  • Shoulder surgery such as rotator cuff surgery
  • Ankle surgery such as ankle reconstruction surgery

How to order your PHYSIOLAB device

PHYSIOLAB offer short-term post-surgical packages that enable you to utilise cooling and compression treatments at your time of need. You can view the packages available and order on the PHYSIOLAB website here. To order, select the desired package (i.e. knee, hip, shoulder or ankle) and the amount of time PHYSIOLAB is required (up to 24 weeks). OS clinic patients are entitled to £25 off their package by entering code OS25 at checkout.

Costs (including VAT)

4-week package: £330

8-week package: £660

12-week package: £990

16-week package: £1,320

20-week package: £1,650

24-week package: £1,980

You can view a range of videos on PHYSIOLAB here.

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Physio lab clinic range