Mr Raghbir Khakha

Mr Raghbir Khakha

Mr Khakha is a fellowship trained specialist trauma and orthopaedic knee surgeon. His surgical expertise revolves around all aspects of knee problems including trauma, sports injuries, arthritis and joint preservation surgery. He regularly works in partnership with Professor Adrian Wilson with whom Mr Khakha carried out his knee fellowship.

Kristian Kley

Dr Kristian Kley

Dr Kristian Kley is a highly regarded and vastly experienced orthopaedic surgeon based in Hannover, Germany. He carries out hundreds of complex operations every year with a special focus on reconstructive hip and knee surgery.

Os Clinic - Professor Roger van Riet

Professor Roger van Riet

Professor Roger van Riet is a world-renowned elbow surgeon. He is a pioneer in arthroscopic surgery of the elbow and has treated elbow injuries in many international athletes, including Olympic and world champions. He is well recognised for the development of his technique to repair and reconstruct the unstable elbow as well as tendon repairs around the elbow.

Prof Philip Schoettle

Professor Philip Schoettle

Professor Philip Schoettle is an internationally recognised specialist in reconstructive knee surgery. He has developed several ground-breaking orthopaedic procedures that are now widely used and is a much-respected author and a sought-after speaker at conferences all over the world. Philip is a strong advocate of regenerative medicine and a board member at numerous prestigious organisations.