Sno is delighted with the result of her knee replacement with Dr Kristian Kley and is back on a cross trainer within 4 weeks.

Sno needed a solution for her knee pain which had become debilitating over the last 2 years.

Sno profile imageSno, an anaesthetist, had been suffering with left knee pain for over 15 years. This pain had become increasingly worse over the last 2 years and she was finding it incapacitating. Sno had tried steroid injections into her knee, which worked for a few months and they also aspirated fluid at the same time. She had the second of these procedures in January 2020, prior to a skiing holiday. This helped and she was able to ski a bit, however she needed a long-term solution.

During the lock down, Sno thought it was time to do something radical about her knee as she was having to take paracetamol and anti-inflammatory medication for the pain.

A relation, Professor Adrian Wilson, noticed her getting out of a car in pain and recommended she see Dr Kristian Kley. Dr Kley had carried out Professor Wilson’s own hip replacement. After her first consultation with Dr Kley, they agreed that a total knee replacement was the best solution to cure Sno’s knee pain once and for all. The operation took place on 13th June.

Following surgery, Sno says she “was extremely pleased”. She had no pain for the first 24 hours after the procedure and used a Physiolab cryotherapy machine every few hours to help. She found hydrotherapy the day after surgery really useful in getting her mobile again quickly.

Sno went home after two nights in hospital and explains her progress since then: “I walked initially with two crutches after a few days and progressed slowly to now be off crutches and be able to do an hour’s walk a day without any support. I had three sessions of physio to practice walking and went weekly for a half an hour hydrotherapy session. These were a great help to my mobility and confidence. I have also been doing exercises am and pm. Two days ago (4 weeks after surgery), I started to use a cross trainer doing 5 minutes morning and afternoon. I take no pain killers and whilst I have another cryotherapy device at home, I haven’t needed to use it.”

Sno continues: “My scar has healed perfectly although there is still some swelling. I’m a very physically active person and had a personal trainer for a few weeks before the operation as my left leg had been weak for years. I think the exercise before the operation was a great help in getting me fitter for surgery.”

She concludes: “I am very happy I chose to have my knee replacement with Kristian Kley. It has been much easier than I hoped and I highly recommend him to other patients with similar knee issues.”

Mr Kley concludes: “Sno has worked hard both before and after surgery, which has really helped her recovery. She now has a 135 degree bend, which is fantastic for someone so soon after a total knee replacement.”

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