Following rotator cuff surgery carried out by Mr Noorani, Frieda is delighted to be back enjoying Pilates, swimming and gardening

Frieda’s painful right shoulder is no longer restricting her from enjoying everyday activities and hobbies she is free from pain.

Frieda was experiencing severe pain and some weakness in her right shoulder and upper arm. This made exercise, gardening and general day-to-day activities very difficult. Her osteopath recommended her to visit Mr Ali Noorani to get his advice. At their first consultation, Mr Noorani noted Frieda’s ACJ (acromioclavicular joint – where the collarbone meets the shoulder blade) was clinically arthritic and concluded that some of her symptoms were due to mechanical impingement. Improvement in her posture would help ease this.

He was, however, concerned about the pain and weakness coming from her rotator cuff and arranged for her to have an X-ray and ultrasound scan. These scans confirmed the symptoms were coming from Frieda’s rotator cuff, a group of muscles and tendons that surround the shoulder joint. Mr Noorani diagnosed that in Frieda’s case, this was partially the result of a damaged biceps tendon pulley which was causing further damage to the rotator cuff. After discussion of non-operative options, Frieda decided to go ahead with surgery. She hoped to be pain- free and return to her active lifestyle.

In April 2018, Mr Noorani carried out a right shoulder arthroscopy, a minimally invasive operation, repairing the rotator cuff and performing a subpectoral biceps tenodesis (surgery to repair the biceps tendon).

Following rehabilitation involving osteopathy, Frieda says her expectations have been met in every way, greatly improving the quality of her daily activities. She suggests patients with similar problems seek a diagnosis at an early stage from an expert.

She adds: “This operation has enabled me to lead a lifestyle which includes routine daily activities and sports such as swimming and Pilates pain-free. Many thanks to Mr Noorani and his team for their help.”

Mr Noorani says: “Frieda has done well as expected. She is very typical of patients in my clinic with a cuff tear. Surgery is sometimes required to repair the tendon and age is no longer a barrier to rotator cuff surgery. I am pleased to say that she has made excellent progress and has almost no pain and a very functional shoulder.”

May 2019