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Professor Adrian Wilson chooses fellow Orthopaedic Specialists hip surgeon Dr Kley for his hip replacement

Professor Adrian Wilson & Mr Kristian Kley

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Hip replacement

Prof Wilson was suffering from hip arthritis prior to his hip replacement with Orthopaedic Specialists colleague Mr Kristian Kley.

Here Professor Wilson charts his journey from post operation

Kristian Kley explains the damage to Professor Wilson’s hip following his hip replacement operation.

Kristian Kley explains why he performed a hip replacement rather than a resurfacing for Prof Wilson.

We are delighted Dr Kristian Kley will be joining Orthopaedic Specialists and operating in London.

Professor Wilson 1 day after his hip replacement operation

Dr Kristian Kley performed Prof Wilson’s hip replacement surgery.

‘The bear dance’ aims to get the weight centred post hip replacement.

Prof Wilson’s hip arthritis pain has gone and he feels comfortable up and about.

Dr Kristian Kley explains how his anterior approach avoids hip dislocation of 0%.

A surgeon’s view following hip replacement – 1 day post op

Prof Adrian Wilson describes how he is already in less pain than before following a hip replacement with Mr Kristian Kley.

Dr Kristian Kley talks through Prof Wilson’s post-op X-rays.

Rehabilitation and recovery at The Clavadel with PHYSIOLAB®

Use of Physiolab and a stay at The Clavadel sees Prof Wilson pain free after his hip replacement.

Kristian Kley
Mr Kristian Kley:

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