Ekrem and Ali

Ekrem, shoulder fractures (glenoid, clavicle and scapula)

Consultant: Mr Ali Noorani

Shoulder and elbow fractures

Shoulder stabilisation

Ekrem has made a full recovery and is back to his manual job after scapula ( wing blade of the shoulder) glenoid ( socket) and clavicle ( collarbone ) surgery with Mr Ali Noorani

Ekrem feels better than ever after outstanding care from Mr Noorani and his team

As a result of a motorbike accident in October 2017, Ekrem suffered an intraarticular glenoid fracture (shoulder socket fracture), scapula fracture (shoulder blade fracture) as well as clavicle (collarbone) fracture. These serious injuries had a dramatic impact on his health and lifestyle.

Due to the complexity of the multiple operations involved, he was referred to Mr Noorani at the Princess Grace Hospital, London. The surgery was a success and, despite the difficulty of the procedures, Ekrem experienced very little post-operative pain and only minimal scarring. Following further care to address his minor symptoms, he underwent a programme of rehabilitative physiotherapy with Adem Sogular, which improved his shoulder’s mobility and strength. He made a full recovery and regained stability in his shoulder.

X-rays showing the metalwork Mr Noorani used to repair Ekrem’s shoulder

Ekrem post surgery

Ekrem demonstrating full recovery and mobility

He thanks Mr Noorani and his team for their expertise, caring and professionalism. He felt well-informed and reassured at every stage of the process, which enabled him to go forward with his surgery with confidence. He says: “I am grateful for the surgery as I have come out feeling better than ever. Despite the amazing work I was still very nervous about having surgery but with the right support that Mr Noorani offered I was able to go in with no fear.”

Mr Noorani is pleased with the outcome too: “In cases like Ekrem’s with glenoid injury, most people are unable to return to their normal life and function and are severely disabled, however, Ekrem has made nearly a 100% recovery and is back to work doing a manual job. I’m very glad we could help him.”

But the last word is best left to Ekrem: “Thank you for your wonderful care. I felt blessed to have such a great doctor taking care of my health.”

December 2019