After years of constant pain, John’s partial left knee replacement has dramatically reduced his pain and improved his knee’s condition.

John was finding it impossible to work as a surveyor, but two months after his partial knee replacement is now back in action.

For years John had suffered constant pain in his left knee caused by general wear and tear. He was finding it impossible to work as a surveyor and was concerned about ending up with a long-term disability so wanted effective treatment so that he could continue working.

John had an appointment with a local orthopaedic surgeon and was informed that he had osteoarthritis in both knees and that his next option would be to two knee replacements.

As he is very fit and active, John was understandably keen to avoid any form of knee replacement surgery. He looked online to see if there were any non-surgical alternatives that he could explore to try and alleviate his symptoms and allow him to stay active and avoid a double knee replacement.

Having discovered Lipogems® injections as a potential solution to his problem, he was referred by The Regenerative Clinic to Mr Raghbir Khakha.

John discussed his pain symptoms with Mr Khakha, which were by then keeping him up at night. The left knee was notably worse.

John and Mr Khakha discussed John’s symptoms and Mr Khakha explained that given his grade IV arthritis in the left knee medial compartment (near the middle of the knee on the inner side), he recommended a partial (unicompartmental) knee replacement. Mr Khakha also diagnosed osteoarthritis in John’s right knee joint, but as this was under control, it was agreed just to monitor this at this stage.

Following this partial left knee replacement, John is now rehabilitating, using exercise and hydrotherapy, and his pain has been significantly reduced.

John advises other patients with similar problems to seek professional consultation sooner rather than later, and to use the Game Ready machine to reduce swelling, a piece of rehabilitation equipment he strongly recommends patients use for up to two months after operation.

He says: “From the outset I’ve received excellent advice from Mr Khakha who was very clear and precise in diagnosing and recommending the unicompartmental knee replacement, having had two other private consultants recommend full knee replacement on both knees which would have debilitated me for possibly two years.”

John was back up and operational within a month and working quite comfortably after two months. He is fully satisfied with how his scars have healed praises the seamless care and professionalism of Mr Khakha and his team, adding: “I can only thank everyone involved throughout the process.”

Raghbir Khakha says: “John has made a fantastic recovery from his partial knee replacement. His range of movement is really good; his pain is significantly reduced, and his rehabilitation is going really well.”

May 2019