Mr Ali Noorani performs a shoulder stabilisation to cure Diogo’s ongoing shoulder dislocations

Diogo needed a solution to give him confidence that his shoulder would no longer dislocate without warning.

Diogo had a long term issue in his left shoulder, which dislocated regularly, particularly when he was on holiday. Diogo found this not only painful, but concerning as he was worried about being injured whilst overseas.

During the few months before seeing Mr Noorani, Diogo’s shoulder had also started to dislocate during normal day-to-day activities and so the need to get it checked out was becoming more pressing.

A friend of Diogo’s had had a similar issue, went to see Mr Noorani and had a positive experience. Diogo carried out further research online and thought that Mr Noorani had an impressive CV so booked a consultation with him, covered by his health insurance.

Mr Noorani quickly established that Diogo’s left shoulder had long-standing type I/II instability, which was a combination of traumatic and atraumatic instability and recommended a shoulder stabilisation operation.

As the joint with the greatest range of motion in the body, the shoulder is particularly prone to dislocation and instability, which can lead to pain, weakness and anxiety about further dislocations of the shoulder, as in Diogo’s case. Stabilisation surgery is used to repair damage to tissues and ligaments and restore stability to the shoulder.

Diogo was referred to physiotherapy following the operation, which is a normal part of the post-operative recovery.

Diogo’s hope was that the operation would prevent further painful dislocations. He found that this was achieved: “100%, the operation was successful and the recovery quicker than initially thought. The shoulder has been fully recovered and with total mobility.”

He returned to see Mr Noorani seven weeks after the operation and Mr Noorani was pleased with how stable Diogo’s shoulder was, and that he was doing so well. Unsurprisingly his shoulder was still a bit stiff and he lacked full control, but the exercises he was doing with his physiotherapist worked on these issues.

Five months after the operation, Mr Noorani discharged Diogo, happy with the progress he had made with his physiotherapy.

Diogo sums up his care with Mr Noorani: “My overall experience with Mr Noorani was very good. He is a very polite man that answered all my questions and gave me assurance when I needed. All his advice was well placed and my operation and long term rehabilitation went exactly as planned. Mr Noorani was very professional and completely solved my shoulder problems and that’s priceless.”

His any advice for patients with similar problems: “As Mr Noorani says do all the physio possible as the operation is only a small part of the rehabilitation.”

Mr Noorani concludes: “I am pleased Diogo’s shoulder is now stable and he no longer fears a sudden dislocation. As he says, the shoulder stabilisation operation is just the start and his dedication to his physiotherapy exercises has played an important part in his overall recovery.”

October 2019