Mark is delighted and recommends “just getting it done” following his minimally invasive hip replacement with Dr Kristian Kley

Mark had been living with and managing pain and lack of mobility for three years which was inhibiting his enjoyment of life

Mark, an active and sporty 58-year-old had been diagnosed with osteoarthritis in his right hip. He experienced a great deal of pain when walking, climbing stairs, getting on and off bikes/motor bikes and a general lack of mobility and flexibility. He had been struggling with his condition for three years doing exercise and having physiotherapy to deal with the symptoms.

He was already on a programme leading towards a hip replacement when he met Professor Adrian Wilson who he saw for advice on his knees and hips. Professor Wilson reviewed Mark’s condition and gave Mark a more detailed and sophisticated diagnosis on his condition than he had previously received.

Professor Wilson also explained to Mark how he had recently had a hip replacement done by his friend and colleague Dr Kristian Kley and had made a full and complete recovery and was back operating on patients within four weeks of his joint replacement.

Mark was immediately reassured by Professor Wilson’s experience and advice and decided to go ahead with a total hip replacement with Dr Kley, who uses pioneering new techniques for minimally invasive hip replacements. Mr Kley uses an OCM approach, which avoids hip dislocation, which can be a risk in conventional surgery. This approach also allows patients to make a much quicker recovery, which was of particular interest to Mark, a keen cyclist.

With this procedure, Mark expected a fast recovery, however it has exceeded his expectations as he explains: “My recovery has been much better than expected. I was walking the next morning following surgery, without crutches, albeit just for a few steps. This blew me away as I expected this to take a week. Now two weeks on I am walking with one crutch, limp free, and can walk around the house without crutches without a limp for a short period. I’m really pleased with the speed of my recovery and I hope to be on my bike within four weeks.”

In terms of the pain Mark now experiences, he says: “The pain has been completely manageable throughout. I’m not really in pain at all and only if I jolt or catch it, but most of the time I am pain free.” 

Mark cannot speak highly enough of Dr Kley: “Kristian Kley is superb, very personable, very available. He has lots of time for you and he will call me from his mobile just to see how I am rather than having to wait for an appointment. This helps to build trust and we developed a relationship both pre and post op.” 

His advice for patients with similar problems is: “Don’t hesitate and get treated! My rationale is I lived with it and managed it for three years and it became a big feature of my daily life and it really inhibited me. It was interfering with my life. Time is precious so I advise people to get on with it, the quicker you fix it the better your life becomes.”

Dr Kley concludes: “Hip replacement patients can have an ongoing fear of their hip dislocating after surgery. The OCM approach I use is completely muscle sparing and in the cases I have performed, there has been a 0% incidence of hip dislocation.”

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