Linda describes her knee replacement with Dr Kristian Kley as a life-changer

Pre Op Xray
Post Op Front view
Post Op Side view

Linda was virtually housebound at the age of 62 when she sought treatment for her increasing pain due to arthritis in her right knee.

Two years prior to Covid Linda was being treated within the NHS for knee pain, having X-rays and physiotherapy. However, her right knee had become progressively become more painful. As Covid hit she was unable to go swimming so there was a marked reduction in mobility. Her knee started to bow outwards and was swollen and painful, with clicking, and it often gave way. She was just able to potter around the house holding onto furniture.

Linda describes the situation: “It was like a tooth ache in the knee and sometimes with a burning sensation that would take your breath away. It was painful and uncomfortable at night, so I wasn’t getting much sleep. I was unable to do much. After just washing up l would have to sit down. Covid didn’t help as l couldn’t go swimming and l put on two stone in weight! I was trying to look after Grandchildren and my Mother-in-law and was having to be helped by my husband.”

In Spring 2021, Linda decided that she had had enough, especially as Covid restrictions were now lifting. She found out about Professor Wilson by researching on Google as she explains: “I read a lot on different surgeons and was impressed with the write up on Professor Wilson’s web page. I did some further research and decided to make appointment. It was the best decision l could have made.”

After an initial appointment and scans Professor Wilson explained that Linda’s knee had severe osteoarthritis and the best option would be a total knee replacement. He suggested that Dr Kristian Kley would perform the surgery.

Linda says: “The operation was absolutely fine. I couldn’t have wished for better care. I was back in my room by 14.20 and walking out to the bathroom at 17.00!! Massive result!! My knee felt fantastic – strong and pain free. It was sore from the operation but nothing like before.”

Now, almost six weeks after the operation Linda explains: “I feel very good. Building up my walks at five and half weeks I can manage an hour’s walk with one crutch which l only use now and again. I am very pleased with the result. My knee does ache a little by the end of the day especially at the back of the knee and l find it also aches a bit if I stand in one place, but it’s early days!!! The operation has far exceeded my expectations.”

Her advice to patients considering a knee replacement is: “Get it done, don’t leave it. I should have had this operation two years ago. But due to family commitments and pregnant daughters I left it. I didn’t realise just how much pain l was in until it went. Just do it!”

Linda continues: “This operation has been a life-changer for me. I was housebound and fed up at the age of 62. Don’t wait years of being in pain to get this operation done. I now can look forward to playing with my Grandchildren on the beach and walking the dog. My life was that lady climbing the beach steps on her hands and knees for the arthritis advert which makes me cry. Now l’m that lady throwing the stones in the water with her Grandson – these moments are precious and are more important than anything. Having this operation has given me my life back. Thank you to the team for doing that.”

Professor Wilson concludes: “I am delighted how Linda has recovered. She was able to walk on the day of surgery without pain and walked in to her 2-week check-up without crutches. Her knee looks great, and she has had a dream recovery, having had no pain at any point. At 3 weeks she had a fantastic range of motion, and the wound looked excellent.”

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August 2021