Fernando’s shoulder feels as good as new after a Latarjet procedure with Mr Ali Noorani

Fernando was feeling good after just a week and is now playing sport again

Fernando’s injury first occurred in 2017. He was playing football when his left arm got tangled up with his opponent’s and his left shoulder popped out.

Following this incident, his shoulder became so unstable that it would dislocate even when sniffing or coughing. With his shoulder becoming increasingly troublesome and after a visit to his GP, Fernando was referred to Mr Noorani and he was very keen to proceed with the surgery and had high hopes of returning to normal.

Fernando was assessed in clinic and a clinical examination and imaging in confirmed that that he had sustained too much bone loss in his shoulder joint having been damaged by repeated dislocation. A soft tissue arthroscopic repair of the ligaments was not possible and a decision was made to do a bony procedure called Laterjet to augment the bone loss. Fernando was extremely impressed with consideration for his welfare and care that Mr Noorani had put into this difficult decision.

When the procedure did take place, all went smoothly, and Fernando’s shoulder responded well.  He says: “After one week I was feeling so good. It is very important to see a physiotherapist as soon as you can after your surgery because it will boost your recovery.”

Following his Latarjet operation (cutting and moving the coracoid bone with the tendon to repair the bony defect in the glenoid part of the shoulder) in February 2019 and a course of physio, Fernando’s shoulder is now completely restored and he is pleasantly surprised at what he can do without fear of dislocation. In addition, he has engaged in sports such as tennis and was very pleased with the way his shoulder reacted.

Fernando advises patients with similar problems to him not to be afraid of undergoing surgery because a successful operation can return you to your normal activities and preferred lifestyle. He is extremely grateful to Mr Noorani, saying: “I am very thankful to Mr Noorani because he changed my life and I am very satisfied with his professionalism.”

Mr Noorani is very pleased with the outcome. “We achieved a solid strong fixation of the bone block Fernando should have a stable shoulder in the long term.”

Fernando adds: “While waiting for my surgery, I became very inactive. I wasn’t even able to run, so my sporting life was gone. But eight months after my surgery, I am playing sport again and it’s thanks to the surgery and how effective it was for me.”

December 2019