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Knee osteotomy sees active 50 year old pain free after long term knee problems and inherent bow leggedness

Chris had been involved in an accident back in the eighties, which resulted in a number of years treatment for his injured right knee. Whilst he recovered fully, he was told at the time that this would lead to further knee problems as he got older.

50 year old walker

I can now put my full weight through my leg and rather than walking on tip toe can now put my heel down and am in a much better walking position without all the pain.

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The London Knee Osteotomy Centre

The effects of a road traffic accident almost 30 years earlier was causing Chris real mobility issues at home and at work

Following surgery in 2013 many years later, he was still suffering with knee pain, however he was told the condition was inoperable by a number of doctors. Eventually he was recommended to see Adrian by another consultant, who knew about his pioneering knee osteotomy surgery. Chris saw Adrian in late 2017. By this time, Chris’s arthritis was quite severe, and he was unable to fully straighten his knee, plus he was in pain after walking only a few hundred yards.

Whilst a knee replacement would be a usual option, due to Chris’s age, Adrian wanted to try to preserve the knee if possible. He first carried out keyhole surgery in November 2017 to look inside Chris’s knee. During this operation he discovered damaged and scar tissue and a large tear to the outside shock absorber of Chris’s knee, the meniscus, which he repaired. He removed the damaged and scar tissue at the same time, an operation known as an arthroscopic arthrolysis. He also manipulated the knee to allow Chris a greater degree of movement in the knee and carried out an arthroscopic release with a radiofrequency device.

After these procedures, Chris’s knee was much straighter and he was able to do a lot more, however he still had knee pain and his leg was not entirely straight due to inherent bow leggedness. For patients who are either bow legged or knock kneed, a knee osteotomy operation straightens the knee, which would give Chris a completely straight leg and at the same time offer him relief from the pain caused by arthritis.

Three months after the keyhole surgery, Adrian carried out an osteotomy on Chris.

Chris updates on the result of the surgery: “I can now put my full weight through my leg and rather than walking on tip toe can now put my heel down and am in a much better walking position without all the pain. My advice to others is to stick to the advice when told to rest and complete all the physio exercise. Overall if I had to choose again, I wouldn’t hesitate, I would go through these surgeries again.”

Adrian summarises Chris’s case: “I am delighted to say that following the knee osteotomy, Chris’s knee has got back to virtually full extension, has a much better range of motion now, and he is virtually pain free. It’s a real pleasure to treat Chris as he is such a lovely chap, and I am delighted that he is doing so well.”

Professor Adrian Wilson
Professor Adrian Wilson:

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