Life-changing left total hip replacement enables Avril to complete the Great North Run half marathon.

Severe hip pain and limited leg movement left Avril seeking expert surgery to continue her half marathon training.

Avril, a keen runner, started to suffer with random hip pain five years ago. The pain slowly started to worsen and Avril began to struggle walking and getting in and out of cars. She found that her hip clunked when she moved and she started to notice a deep, heavy ache in her left hip, groin and thigh.

The pain stopped Avril from enjoying the activities that she had once loved. Before her hip pain had progressed, Avril won a ballot place to run in the Great North Run half marathon. However, as the marathon date approached, Avril grew concerned as she could hardly walk without struggling.

Avril was advised to have some X-rays of her left hip taken and was soon referred to highly experienced hip and knee consultant, Mr Tom Pollard. Mr Pollard reviewed Avril’s X-rays and diagnosed her with advanced osteoarthritis secondary to acetabular dysplasia in her left hip. After explaining all of her options and answering questions, Mr Pollard recommended a total hip replacement. Avril remarks, “I asked Mr Pollard about my chances of running the Great North Run; he didn’t rule out the possibility and I liked his positivity. I felt that Mr Pollard totally understood that I needed to continue enjoying an active lifestyle.”

In June 2017, Mr Pollard and his team successfully performed a total hip replacement on Avril’s left hip. Her surgery went smoothly and her recovery was quick and without issue. At her 6-week follow-up appointment, Mr Pollard gave Avril the all clear to start exercising, which included running. Avril explained that “After only 8 weeks back running and 3 months post-op, I ran the Great North Run half marathon and I finished without any pain and no repercussions. Since my surgery 2 years ago, I have run my very first full marathon and finished strong.” Avril is also a member of a local cross-country league and has achieved new personal best’s at long distances.

To summarise her overall experience with Mr Pollard, Avril states that “I am running all distances, on all terrains and enjoying living life to the full. My quality of life has improved, and I will be forever grateful for this life-changing surgery. I highly recommend Mr Pollard to anyone who is suffering from hip pain and considering surgery. I received excellent, friendly and professional care and I am a totally happy and satisfied patient.”

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