Consultants: Dr Kristian Kley
Prof Adrian Wilson

Arthritis / osteoarthritis

Hip replacement

Full Recovery Post Hip Replacement Surgery.

Ceri’s Journey Post Hip Replacement Surgery.

Ceri is a high profile hairdresser and is a cross fit model. She underwent right total hip replacement by Dr Kristian Kley who is world renowned for using minimally invasive anterolateral approach (OCM) for his procedure.

Ceri is back at work, 4 weeks post her surgery. She is walking 6-7 miles per day and has started her strength training also.

Ceri describes her experience with Prof Adrian Wilson and Dr. Kristian Kley “I have a knee injury, It is a meniscus tear which I felt was getting worse and worse and I was recommended to Prof Wilson by numerous clients.

He quickly diagnosed that the knee was not an issue and that I had a hip problem which was a bit of a shock. Adrian was actually amazing. I had seen numerous consultants before, who hadn’t picked this up and it took Prof Adrian about 30 secs to work this out.

My main aim was to be pain free. I also wanted to be able to lead the lifestyle I lead which is very active and very sporty. I stand all day at work; I train a lot; I compete at cross fit; I ride horses; I cycle a lot; I have a dog that needs a lot of walking.

Surgery went well. It was for 30 mins.The whole team was fantastic. I came home the next day.

I had physio twice a week for nine weeks and everyday the hip felt stronger and better.

I was able to return to work at the salon on week 4. It is quite extraordinary.

I have no pain, no restriction in movements. I train every day. I walk 2- 3 hours a day.I cycle; I ride horses. I am on my feet 8 or 9 hours a day, 6 days a week and it is just amazing.

I don’t even notice any difference between my implanted hip and my natural hip.

Adrian and Kristian were amazing from day 1.

Adrian was so quick in diagnosing the problem and setting up the whole journey from my surgery and after care.

Kristian is obviously some kind of genius.”

Professor Adrian Wilson:

Mr Kristian Kley:

Feb 2022