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Dad delighted to see his young daughter running in and out of the waves just 1 year after a serious trampoline injury.

This young girl suffered a trampoline injury and was referred to Adrian by another colleague. Children in these cases are often sent away and their parents told that their knee will settle down.

Rossanna's knee

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Rossana Chapman is now 2 years post ACL repair and has a superb knee which is fully stable. She has no pain and has full function with no growth disturbance.

Adrian was pleased that Rossana was referred to him straight away. He explains:

“Parents are often told that because their child is young and has such great healing potential, not to worry about things, and often parents just hope time will settle these things down, and many of these severe injuries go undetected.”

When he first saw Rossana, she had a swollen, painful knee which she couldn’t put any weight on. The ACL repair procedure was a success. She was reviewed at one year follow up and found to have a stable knee. Her activity levels were normal and she was pain free.

Her Dad sent Adrian a text message a year after the operation. He spoke about how well she was doing at a year in terms of running in and out of the waves.

Professor Adrian Wilson
Professor Adrian Wilson:

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