Complex ligament reconstruction saves Malachi’s semi-professional skateboarding career

Mr Khakha performs life altering surgery and eliminates Malachi’s fear of not returning to sport following devastating knee injury

Malachi, a semi-professional skateboarder, landed awkwardly after skateboarding down a flight of stairs. This accident left him with significant pain and swelling in his left leg. Initially, Malachi visited St Thomas’ Hospital and was provided with a range of movement brace and some crutches.

Malachi found walking very difficult at the time of the injury and has associated swelling. His knee often gave way and he felt that he could barely stand on it. After a few weeks, Malachi and his family knew it needed expert care and attention.

Whilst researching which surgeon would be best for him, Malachi and his family came across Mr Khakha and felt that he would be the right choice for them. During their initial consultation, Mr Khakha reviewed an MRI of Malachi’s left leg and confirmed that he had a ruptured ACL with an associated medial meniscus tear and a grade II/III injury of his medial collateral ligament. Mr Khakha discussed management options that ranged from conservative treatment to operative treatment. He explained that conservative methods, such as bracing would not be satisfactory in maintaining knee stability. Mr Khakha recommended undertaking a complex ligament reconstruction which would involve an ACL reconstruction, MCL reconstruction, lateral meniscal repair and lateral tenodesis.

Prior to having his surgery, Malachi was hoping “…to get my knee back as strong as it was before the accident, without loss of power and to return to sport at professional level without fear of re-injury.” In September 2019, Mr Khakha and his expert team successfully performed a complex ligament reconstruction of Malachi’s left knee. Malachi made a good surgical recovery postoperatively and was discharged the following day to recover from his surgery.

Two months following the operation at one of Malachi’s follow-up consultations, Mr Khakha reported that “We are really delighted with the way things are going… your MCL feels beautifully stable. The ACL is also good, and your quads are beginning to build up. You certainly feel that your knee feels much more stable and you are really happy with the way things are going.” 

Further on post-surgery, Malachi explains: “It has been nine months since my surgery and I am able to return to my sport, my knee feels strong. I am very happy,  I have my knee back, strong and stable without worry.” Malachi’s advice for people considering knee surgery is as follows: “Be patient, listen to the advice given and have trust.” 

To summarise his overall experience with Mr Khakha he remarks: “Surgery was a game-changer, my surgery was life changing. It saved me and my career as a semi-professional skater. I knew I was in safe and seriously skilled hands. Me and my family will never forget what was done for me. I have my knee back and have not lost anything.”

Mr Khakha concludes: “I am so pleased that Malachi has made such a full recovery and is able to return to skate boarding.”

X-rays post surgery

June 2020