Charles back to golfing, albeit gently within 6 weeks of his minimally invasive hip replacement with Dr Kristian Kley

Charles sought treatment for his increasing pain due to arthritis in his left hip

Charles has a family history of arthritis, with his father, mother and brother all having suffered from this painful condition. Since late summer 2019, the arthritis in his left hip was making any form of exercise painful, including walking. Climbing stairs, washing his feet in the shower, and putting on socks all became increasingly difficult and painful. He was in pain even when resting at night, with pain medication offering little relief. He also started to suffer from significant back pain.

Charles sought treatment and was referred to Dr Kristian Kley from Professor Adrian Wilson, who had had his own hip replacement undertaken by Dr Kley. Dr Kley specialises in minimally invasive hip replacement surgery using an anterolateral incision and a muscle sparing approach.

Charles underwent a left total hip replacement with Dr Kley, who was assisted during surgery by his colleagues Professor Adrian Wilson and Mr Raghbir Khakha.

Following surgery, Charles was immediately surprised at how stable his hip felt even in the first few days. After 5 weeks he says: “My hip feels pretty much like it did prior to any issues developing. Every week I have noticed a discernible improvement in the way I walk (without sticks etc. after 2-3 weeks), I can climb stairs with continued reduction in muscle discomfort. When I walk, I do not notice any difference in ‘feel’ between my replacement hip on the left-hand side and my natural hip on the right-hand side.”

Ten days after his hip replacement, he was reviewed by Professor Wilson who said: “I am delighted to say that Charles is doing extremely well. He has got virtually no pain and has excellent movement in the hip and he is absolutely delighted with the journey that he has had so far since his hip replacement, which was performed by Dr Kley, myself and Mr Khakha ten days ago. He is moving well and has very little pain. He is delighted, as am I.”

Charles undertook a comprehensive rehabilitation programme, as he explains: “I have ensured that I have kept to a reasonably strict physio routine. For the first two weeks I stayed as a resident at a rehab centre with 2 sessions of physio per day plus progressively more walking. In weeks 3 to 5 I continued the same physio routine at home, with more and more walking and have introduced the use of a stationary bike (initially 15 minutes per day, now 25 minutes per day). From week 6 onwards I will introduce some golf, slowly and progressively.”

Charles’ hip feels entirely natural. He experiences some minor muscle discomfort still, but this is getting less and less. He can now walk without any pain; lie in bed without being woken up with pain and the issues with his back have also improved.

He has the following advice for patients with similar problems: “Do not delay surgery once it is clear that it is needed, as the suffering is unnecessary, plus I suspect my muscles degenerated in and around the hip needing replacement, while waiting for surgery (covid related). Following, in a disciplined manner, a prescribed physio routine (by striking a good balance between enough exercise but not too much too quickly) played I believe an important role in my recovery. Beyond this however, it seems to me above all that the skill of the surgeon including their selection of the most appropriate design for the patient of the replacement prothesis is an absolutely key differentiator.”

Charles summarises his treatment with Dr Kley and the team: “I just want to thank you all, and especially of course Kristian, for the advice, professional expertise and care you have provided to me throughout my hip replacement procedure. While I am not at the end of my recovery, my progress thanks to your efforts has exceeded my expectations. Rest assured I will continue to play my part in maximising my full recovery.”

Dr Kley concludes: “The anterior approach I use for hip replacement patients is very effective in getting patients back to activity quickly and without pain. I am so pleased Charles is happy with the result of his surgery and I wish him well with his return to the golf course!”

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