Mr Ali Noorani carries out carpal tunnel decompression surgery to give Colin full function in his right wrist to give him his quality of life back

Having had surgery on his left wrist a few years earlier, Colin was confident that Mr Noorani would deliver a similarly successful outcome on his right wrist.

Over the years the carpal tunnel symptoms in Colin’s right wrist were getting progressively worse: he was suffering with constant numbness and tingling, which kept him awake at night despite wearing a splint. He could hardly write and struggled to use his knife properly while eating. He was suffering mentally and emotionally because he was unable to pursue his passion for cycling. Normally he would cycle on a daily basis, but the numbness and pain meant this had become impossible.

Having had successful carpal tunnel surgery on his left wrist with Mr Noorani a few years ago, Colin was well aware of his outstanding surgical skill and chose to use him again to undergo the same procedure on his now highly problematic right wrist. Prior to surgery, Colin was extremely confident that Mr Noorani would again deliver a positive outcome, and that confidence proved well placed, as following the procedure, his symptoms disappeared immediately and he fully expects to be cycling again in the next few weeks.

He advises any patients with similar problems not to suffer in silence but to seek treatment at the earliest opportunity and describes his surgery with Mr Noorani as “100% effective”.

He adds: “I had been putting up with the increasingly worsening symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome for years. Mr Noorani provided a professional service and effective treatment. I can get rid of the uncomfortable hand splint at last. I hadn’t really realised how debilitating carpal tunnel syndrome had become.”

Mr Noorani concludes: “Colin has done really well, and I’m so pleased he is planning to get back to cycling shortly.”

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Updated December 2021