hand pain

Nasser, 23, hand and wrist pain

Consultant: Mr Ali Noorani

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Minimally invasive surgery

Carpal tunnel decompression surgery provides the solution for Nasser’s hand pain

Nasser is back to normal after developing carpal tunnel syndrome in first his right and then left hand

23-year-old Nasser was experiencing pain in his right hand and wrist, which he described as a burning sensation and frequently felt like an electric shock. It was sufficiently bad that pain and numbness would interrupt his sleep during the night, and so was having a detrimental impact on his day-to-day life. Nasser met with his GP, who referred him to Mr Ali Noorani to investigate the problem.

Mr Noorani met with Nasser and conducted some tests to confirm his diagnosis, including a nerve study test. He concluded that carpal tunnel decompression surgery was the best solution for Nasser’s case, and discussed the process, recovery and various risks the surgery entailed with Nasser.

Nasser had his operation in March 2019. The surgery went well and less than two weeks later, the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome had completely settled down and Nasser had no pain. He met with Mr Noorani later that month to follow up, and Mr Noorani showed Nasser how to massage his scar to reduce the risk of pillar pain, a potential side effect of carpal tunnel surgery.

After his surgery on his right hand, Nasser also developed carpal tunnel syndrome in his left hand and wrist. He returned to Mr Noorani, who confirmed that another carpal tunnel decompression was the best option for Nasser. The operation took place in May 2019. Just two days after his surgery, Nasser was already noticing improvements in his symptoms, and his condition continued to improve.

Nasser said “Before my treatment, I was not expecting a lot, but this all changed after meeting Mr Ali Noorani. I am very glad to have him as a surgeon: from the first appointment I felt that I was in safe hands.”

Mr Noorani said “Nasser seems to be recovering very well. The wound looks excellent and we are both pleased with his progress.”

August 2019