A successful clavicle fixation operation performed by Mr Ali Noorani has allowed David to return to horse-riding and skiing.

When 38-year-old David suffered a multiple fracture of his collarbone in a fall from a horse, he turned to Mr Ali Noorani to put things right.

As a result of a riding accident, 38-year-old David suffered a comminuted midshaft fracture of his left collarbone, leaving it broken into multiple pieces. He was taken immediately to the Princess Grace Hospital, Marylebone, where he was seen by Mr Ali Noorani.

Having diagnosed the problem, Mr Noorani explained the various surgical and non-operative management options. For David, ORIF (open reduction internal fixation), which involves inserting an anatomical titanium plate to secure the collarbone. David was initially nervous about this operation, however took Mr Noorani’s advice, and a few days later the operation went ahead.

After 12 days, Mr Noorani saw David in clinic. The wound looked excellent and David was allowed full range of motion. He no longer needed a sling but Mr Noorani suggested that he did not weight bear through this in the gym for another three weeks.

After three weeks, David was able to go back to weightbearing and build up the weight tolerance although he was advised not to go back to horse riding or any other contact sports for three months from the removal to allow the screw holes to consolidate.

When Mr Noorani saw David almost a year on from his operation, he was delighted that David was completely symptom free and was able to do all of his activities of daily living and sports without any restrictions.

When David first met Mr Noorani and discussed his operation, his hope was that he would make a full recovery through surgery and post-operative physiotherapy and be able to get back to enjoying a normal life, horse-riding and skiing. He is delighted with the successful outcome he has achieved as he explains: “I would recommend talking through the various options with Mr Noorani and follow his advice. He is an expert in complicated cases and explains any procedure in great detail (if you want to hear the detail/background/probabilities around anything). This makes any required decision around treatment options much easier. Mr Noorani is an excellent surgeon, very approachable as person and his results speak for themselves. I can highly recommend him and his team.”

Mr Noorani concludes: “David had a high energy displaced and unstable collar bone (clavicle) fracture. The clavicle is very important for shoulder function especially in someone so active. An operation was offered to carry out an anatomical fixation. This was followed by a high quality rehabilitation. David had full function in 6-8 weeks.”

April 2019