14-year-old Charlotte’s active lifestyle was halted by her torn ACL. Could a repair with Professor Wilson get her back on track quickly and effectively?

Schoolgirl Charlotte is dancing, running and enjoying athletics again.

14-year-old Charlotte tore the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in her right knee while skiing in February 2019. A keen runner and dancer, she was unable to continue with these activities after her accident. She was referred through the family’s private health insurer to Mr Tom Pollard, a local orthopaedic surgeon, who, following an MRI scan, recommended Charlotte’s parents contact Professor Adrian Wilson.

At the initial consultation, Professor Wilson outlined the various treatment options and recommended an ACL repair. With a quicker recovery time than a reconstruction, this option appealed to Charlotte and her parents because she was keen to get back to her sporting activities as soon as possible. Following physiotherapy with Ben Wilde at Physio & More, she was fit enough to have the ACL repair performed in April 2019. The surgery was successful, and Charlotte was walking relatively normally within a couple of weeks.

Seven weeks after her ACL surgery Charlotte was able to participate in many of the outdoor activities on a school residential trip to Wales and by August, she was also able to attend a three-day dance summer school and resume her dance lessons too. In September she underwent her second surgery to release the FiberTape used to help brace the ACL repair and a few days after this, was walking normally.

She continued with her physiotherapy and has now returned to her athletics training and is enjoying her running again too. Most of the time her knee feels completely normal and the rest of the time she judges it to feel 95% normal. Charlotte can participate in all her sports now although she has been advised to avoid contact sport and skiing for the time being.

Charlotte’s mother, Melanie comments: “The whole process has gone extremely well, and we would happily recommend Professor Wilson and ACL repair to other children who find themselves in a similar position.”

Professor Wilson adds: “Charlotte is obviously doing very well following her ACL repair and I am very happy. The knee feels beautifully stable, she has regained her full range of motion.”

March 2020