The consultants involved in Orthopaedic Specialists work as an integrated team and take a multidisciplinary approach to treating complex patients.

As experts in their individual fields, our consultants have the ability to refer within Orthopaedic Specialists and have a trusted network of consultant colleagues across the world should their help be required to ensure patients have the best treatment options.

Patients can be reassured they will have one point of referral for complex trauma injuries and can be confident they will receive the most expert opinion, or second opinion, for their condition.

Orthopaedic Specialists can partner with organisations and hospitals overseas to manage the entire process of treatment for their patients from initial contact through the treatment pathway to full rehabilitation.

Patients from overseas are supported by the highest level of service and they and their families will be looked after from the time they arrive in the UK.

Orthopaedic Specialists works closely with the private hospitals in London to ensure international patients have access to all the services and treatments they need.

The group accepts referrals from consultants and GPs and can provide care for patients who have private medical insurance or who are self-funding.

GPs can refer directly into any of the consultants in Orthopaedic Specialists who all hold regular clinics at leading private hospitals in London and the surrounding areas.

What our patients say

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